Cross Stitch Embroidery

 : I always loved embroidery, I think it is such a beautiful craft. When I was a little girl I used to look at my mother when she was making beautiful table clothes using different embroidery techniques. Most of the time she used the cross stitch embroidery. I admire her handiwork and still today I have these table clothes and I often use them when I have some special party.

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Cross Stitch Embroidery on quilts

My grandmother also loved embroidery, but she used embroidery stitches on her handmade quilts. That also looked very nice, I think. Back in time, it was very modern making so-called crazy quilts. These quilts were often made of silk, maybe often from leftovers, and the fabrics were pieced together randomly. But the great significance with these quilts was that they were heavily embellished with embroidery. They did not use only yarn for the embroidery, but they also decorated the quilts with small pearls etc. I am sure that if you ever watched a movie from the Victorian era, you have seen one of these crazy quilts. I love them so much!

Here you can find a whole page with different kinds if crazy quilts:

Crazy Quilts with embroidery

Did you know that you can also do your embroidery by using a sewing machine? You might not get the same feel as you get when sewing by hand but it will look very beautiful!

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5 Must-See Tutorials For Getting Started In Machine


5 Must-See Tutorials For Getting Started In Machine Embroidery


Machine embroidery is pretty neat.

I’m not just saying that. Really. This stuff is awesome, and there are lots of folks out there who think so. However, there are lots of misconceptions out there about what it is, what it’s for, and how you do it.

One, it is NOT just for your Great Aunt Bitty to embroider pictures of cats on things. Sure, she can do that too. Cats are all the rage these days, just ask the internet. Also, it’s not dark arts wizardry, thought you might be forgiven for thinking that the first time you tried to get something to stitch out correctly. Embroidery machines are neat little gizmos of technology that sometimes take on a personality of their own when embroidering your favorite designs, and ESPECIALLY when embroidering on your favorite shirt. If you just grab one out of the box and hope for the best, you and your machine may have issues. Plus those suckers can be complicated beasts to set up sometimes.

So for your ease and enjoyment, here are 5 easy tutorials if you’re just starting out that should make your journey a bit more pleasant, and stop you from throwing that magic technology out a window the third time it eats a design.

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