Growing Herbs in Pots is a Synch

msl_0310_herb_tower_vertI will continue a little bit from the other day when I wrote about small garden ideas. I talked a bit then about growing in pots and I think that is a brilliant way of having a garden. Most of all, you do not need a big space to do it. If you just have a small piece of land or maybe only a balcony or something, you can still grow both flowers and vegetables in pots.

One great benefit from this is that you do not need to think about remove weeds. No weeds at all. isn’t that great! The only thing you really need to think about though is to water the pots very well. They will need water. And one more thing: They will also need some good soil and nutrition, but that is about all! (Hm, sounds like three things, not one…)

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Small garden ideas for growing herbs


When it comes to herbs they really are my favorite thing to grow, I have them close to my kitchen door, so it will be easy just to go out and grab some herbs when it is time for cooking. What about having some fresh parsley, or basil, just fresh from your own outdoor pot! I love it!

When you have planted your herbs, be sure to put the pot in a sunny spot, since the herbs are growing so much better when the sun is shining. (That goes for mort plants actually…)

Growing Herbs in Pots – one more benefit

That is actually one other benefit of growing in pots…you can move the pots as you please. If the pot is not too big, it is not that hard to move around if it needs some more time in the sun.

Some of the herbs can not stand the winter so you might need to put it inside during the cold area. The fact is that not many plants can take the winter when it is planted in a pot if you do not cover them some place in the back yard. Just be sure that the pots can stand the winter otherwise you need to remove the pots and dig the hardy plants into the ground.


All herbs like to be planted in pots, but some need to do that. I am talking about mint that will overtake your garden if you do not plant them in a pot!


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