Simple Landscaping Ideas for our Gardens

Small Garden ideaA lot of people believe that it costs quite a lot of money to landscape your yard. That is not necessarily correct as you can do so much with stones, clay pots and cheap plants, that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Simple Landscaping Ideas That Does not Cost Much

I really love to work in my garden. My garden is far from a perfect place, but it is a place where I can use my creativity and play around as I feel. There I can use small simple landscaping ideas without any pressure. That is so much fun!

Many people think that to have a nice garden they also need a lot of money. Everything is expensive. But it does not have to be! You can use things like stones some pieces of wood found in nature and create lovely things. For me, that is the most beautiful landscape designs of all. Much better than all fancy stuff you can buy at the garden center. No offense…..but I prefer the simple things that might need a creative touch, but where you can see a personality behind.  I want people to see that this garden belongs to me!
So if I can get the hold on natural stones (in my wild garden there are tons of them). If you want to get some stones from nature, just check so it is ok with the land owner. Stones are one of the best assets in the garden! If you have some stone and a plant you have created a nice focal point in the garden!

Other cheap and simple thing for decorating your garden is to plant some flowers in pots. Clay pots are cheap and will look beautiful with a simple plant in it! Not expensive at all but absolutely lovely! Something I use to do is to visit a flea market… There you can find all sorts of things. I love to re-use things in my garden. Have you ever tried to plant flowers in old drawers? Can look absolutely marvelous! Yes, I know, it will not last forever, but it will last for a couple of years or so, and since it is so cheap, you can just throw it away and come up with another idea later on!

Create Small Outdoor Rooms

If you have a garden that is more or less empty and you need a real landscape transformation, there is one basic idea you should think about. Many of us can not afford to hire someone to do the job, so we have to take the landscaping in our own hands. Do like this: Take a look at your garden area, (maybe even take some photos at the place) and plan to turn some sections of your yard into smaller outdoor rooms.

If you do that everything will be much easier to plan. Think about how to divide the different areas with hedges, screens, climbers and so on. In your house, you have different rooms and in the garden, it works the same way.
Decide what kind of activities you want to have. A place for the kids, maybe? A place to sit and enjoy the garden? A place with a small pond or a kitchen garden. If you love to cook, an outside space for that would be great! Did you know that if you plant a veggie garden maybe with herbs and plants for cooking, that will also look beautiful, and will cost nothing more than a few seed bags and some work!

You and your family can create a place where you can enjoy your garden, and with small landscaping ideas like this your area can be totally transformed! And without breaking the bank!

Other things that will lift your garden is to lit it up with some cheap outdoor lights. Simple things like that can also transform a boring area to be something really beautiful!

There are so much to say about this, I guess I will write more later on.!



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